How Does Tawk To Make Money As A Business? by William Nabaza of

I'm a current partner of Tawkto for business applications and I would like to explain the model of their business is pure of the internet principle. Give something for free, people will always return to your website and offer premium services the very reason that the Internet goes to live on.

I will give to you several ways how they make money with their free live chat app and they are the following:

1. Dedicated Virtual Assistants.

They are accepting outsourced work from anyone who is just startups on the online way of doing business. Every repetitive and routine activity your company requests to finish can be delegated to their dedicated virtual assistants.

2. Cheapest Hired Live Agents.

Only Tawkto has the cheapest Hired Agents that will support and speak on your behalf 24/7 giving them a set of questions and answers and they will gladly do this for only U.S.$1/hour, no holidays, no rest day even. The best choice still is human chat versus robotic (A.I.) artificial intelligence chatbots.

3. Video + Voice + Screensharing Add-on.

You can augment the efficiency of your customer chat by adding your real live voice to every support session, video plus on top of that, you can start sharing your screen with them, sort of like monkey-see, monkey-do. There's no monkey business here.

4. Corporate Branding

You can now brand your live chat with your logo and display your logo whenever and wherever your website is being visited.

The above-mentioned products and services are entirely legit and what every business man needed on the internet. We're in good hands since Tawkto is in a good strategic position. The free live chat is forever, fully-featured open-source or free. Don't underestimate the power of free, that's the internet, that's business. This is a good, strong model they are in right now, and I'm asking you to partner with them as well by placing a small code on your website and start chatting with your visitors and engaging them to realize a sale. When you use their chat panel on their website you are also positioning your business online forever online.

Here's my invitation to you:


We wanted to share some news with you today – we’ve been approved for this chat panel software Partner Program! If you’ve never heard of this chat panel software, it’s a live chat app used by over 3.2 million business users over the world. We have used it and can vouch for its efficacy.

Our business was built to evolve, and we are always on the lookout for authentic, innovative ways to grow. With over 1.5 billion other websites out there, we are grateful when someone chooses to land on our patch of the internet, and realize the importance of making each interaction count. This chat panel software has been instrumental in helping us to achieve this.

What exactly does this chat panel software do, you ask? This chat panel software is a messaging app to help turn interactions into lasting relationships. This chat panel software is the most widely used live chat app on the planet and allows you to be there when your customer needs you most by monitoring your visits and engaging with your customers up to 24/7. And, if you can’t be there, this chat panel software provides support with their team of experienced Hired Agents for as little as $1 per hour. They also offer dedicated Virtual Assistants to assist you with those repetitive, mundane tasks, allowing you to focus your energy on your business, rather than in your business; saving you time and money.

Yet what we love most about this chat panel software is their ethos – they offer their software for free because they want to help businesses of all sizes engage with their customers. In a crowded online world, and with 73% of consumers determining brand loyalties based on good customer experience, the connection is increasingly important.

Our business is also built on customer satisfaction, and it is for this reason we are so excited to partner with a business that truly believes in driving growth through connection.


To our success,
William Nabaza
weblord of nabaza com network

A summary all-in-all you will have the following features and advantages for your company:

- It will have live chat forever.
- Ticketing
- Knowledge base
- Chat pages
- Team chat
- More to come

These are the things you will get for free.
Once you're inside avail of the commercial services they offer.

Get an account and it supports unlimited websites.

In a hurry? I'll email this information to you right away.